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Light Sports Aircraft elfin 20

The elfin 20 with its two versions elfin 20.e and 20.ex ist a unique highly innovative motor glider. It is designed for the future of the private aviation mixing the two worlds of powered cruise and high-performance gliding.

The elfin is an autonomous self-launcher with a propulsion system driven by electric power and the option of a hybrid propulsion system in case the pure electric doesn’t provide enough range or the infrastructure is not yet sufficient to operate a pure electric aircraft.

Besides the propulsion system the most outstanding design elements are the fully retractable 3 blade propeller in the elfin’s nose and the comfortable ergonomic side-by-side cockpit with the huge canopy for a stunning view.

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RS.100 – utility / mission aircraft series

The RS.100 series is projected as a family of lightweight aircraft / platform for surveillance, remote sensing and research tasks.

  • All aircraft of this series will be operating with an electro-hybrid propulsion system.
  • Different propeller versions will not be the only differences between the various aircraft / platforms.
  • Different payload capability and different range are not the only distinguishing features.

An aircraft on the basis of the sports aircraft elfin with good but limited capability for sensor payload and operation range. MTOM 1,000kg, one or two crew operation.


An aircraft with higher payload and range, 5-blade propeller. MTOM 1,200kg, one or two crew operation.


A platform on the basis of the RS.120, optionally piloted / with remote control system and thus with even higher range for unmanned missions

All aircraft / platform of this family will be equipped with a ballistic rescue system.

Typical mission equipment for the RS.100 series are EO / IR sensors, SAR / SLAR, LiDAR, hyperspectral sensors, and of course the common data downlinks LoS and bLoS.

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RS.500 – customised remote sensing platform with MALE and HALE capability

The RS.500 is projected as a larger aircraft with an MTOM of about 5,000 kg. It will profit of a modular design, that enables us to have various versions depending on the needs of the operator, partly even with the option to change from one version to the other in case of need.

There will be a choice of various propulsion systems, starting from 2 x 500 hp RED piston engines via a turboprop single engine to a set of two jet engines.

A remote control system will make the RS.500 an optional piloted platform. The payload for mission equipment will be up to 1,000 kg and the arrangement will be highly adaptable to the customers needs.

Another version will be a small regional passenger aircraft for up to medium distances, probably mainly serving within the business charter business for up to 8 pax.

The RS.500 series is planned to be equipped asap with the sustainable propulsion systems, first capable for PtL, and later on for hydrogen fuel cell power.

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