is Reiner Stemme’s new technology platform company. Committed to lead the way in future aviation.

About us

Founded in 2017, spun off Reiner Stemme’s former business.

The company’s first milestone is to finalise a project that has started as a side show there but needed full attention to turn its huge potential into market success –

Dr. Reiner Stemme, a physicist by training, brings a lifetime experience of designing aircraft to the new company. Since the 1980’s he is well-known internationally for designing high-performance motor gliders with unique technological features and capabilities – such as the legendary STEMME S10 glider. From this flagship plane the e-powered elfin glider is a logical extension, matching the needs of 21st century aviation. relies on a highly skilled engineering network of long-time colleagues and partner companies to get elfin through design and prototyping phases – so that the plane is now firmly on track to maiden flight.

Of course, one single aircraft will not carry a whole company in the long run – so, there are other projects already in the making at

The company is due to open a second product line shortly, Reiner Stemme has prepared for over a long time: manned and unmanned utility aircraft for various commercial and governmental application purposes, such as photogrammetry, law enforcement, energy & infrastructure monitoring, climate & environmental data collection, communication & media redirection, desaster response and security tasks.

Furthermore is conducting various research programs aiming at finding the most suitable sustainable aviation propulsion systems of the future.

Much more than a mere business case, Reiner Stemme sees these activities as an obligation to society and future generations.


look at our competences is developing aircraft and systems and bringing them to market readiness. Of course it is also offering specific customised solutions.

look at our projects is working on the prototype for the high-performance motor glider elfin. More projects are started and even more in the pipeline – not only for recreational purposes.