is Reiner Stemme’s new company.

We are strongly committed to the future technologies of aviation.

About us is a spin off from Reiner Stemme’s last company, founded in 2017.

The first target was to finalise a project that has started as a side-development there and needed more attention to become a successful development – the elfin project.

Dr. Reiner Stemme himself brings an entire lifetime experience building aircraft into the company. He is famous for the invention of motor gliders with unique technological solutions since the 80’s with his legendary STEMME S10. And the elfin is the logical consequence for the 21st century.

He gathered a dedicated team of colleagues and partner companies around him to realise the design and prototyping on the track to maiden flight of the elfin.

Of course one single aircraft will not carry a whole company over a long time, so there are other projects already in the pipeline. will follow also another development line of Dr. Reiner Stemme, surveillance aircraft for various purposes, and also with the option of flying unmanned with control systems out of own development for the own aircraft design.

Of course is involved in various research programs, for example the aviation propulsion systems of our future, which will is much more than a business case, but an obligation to our society and future generations.